Anonfilex Announcements

Announcement 15.01.2019

Thanks all of you for your support!

It's only been few months, attention we have received is enormous though!
We are glad there's so many of you who has found our service to be useful.

Our Mission

It was a hell of a ride. We didn't expect this much flow. We care a lot about privacy on internet, free speech and other related subjects. It was our desire to provide service where people are free to use it anonymously, quickly and securely.
There are many others who stand for the same ideas as us, and they were our motivation to do something for people in return as we gained from them a lot ourselves.

The Sad News

The sad news is, our funds are limited and maintenance cost is growing rapidly with the popularity we are getting.
There is endless list of files already on our servers and our bandwidth cost and storage cost is way above our heads.
We soon realised there are problems to be solved. Thus, we are forced to temporarily disable file upload service.

The Good News

There is no room for giving up. Our mission hasn't changed, and we still believe in free internet. We are currently working hard to find solutions for problems mentioned above. This is just a temporary stop which we unfortunately can't avoid.
We are positive in our future existence, and we are looking forward to serving you again. Meanwhile, downloading of existing files hosted on our servers is still active and working. Your files will not be deleted and you won't loose anything you ever uploaded on our servers, even during hard times like these.
(Unless it is against our Terms of Service)


We are working hard on getting back to normal as soon as possible.
Still, your help is crucial to the project's success. We simply need money to keep providing this service and while we can optimize server, get cheaper bandwidth,
move our servers or find any other way on how to cut our expenses - it is never going to be for free (for us). And we didn't think it would! No, we knew it is going to cost.
Yet, we still decided to make it happen.
Please, consider a donation and help this website get up on its feet.
Just look at our sweet logo!